Signs of our Times

2872143-2735896564We live in troubled times; the news reports make us sick. But, actually, it is not just ‘the times’, but humanity as a whole which allows dreadful things to happen, and it is only when the news of how sickeningly people behave hits us that we wake up to ask for changes. However, before actions are even proposed and changes are ultimately made, we live with hope. Things do not have to get worse before they can get better.

Yes, we are at war with terrorism, an unconventional war, in which the few radicals terrorize the many with horrendous acts of hostage killings and suicide bombings, increasing radicalization and recruiting young impressionable minds to join Jihadists in the Middle East. For over a decade, conventional warfare has defeated the dictatorships in Afghanistan and Iraq. New regimes have been established, but they have failed to enforce peaceful democratic rules. Instead they have been overturned by radical enemies aiming for a world revolution, using terror.

It is all the works of uncivilized men seeking power and abusing women for pleasure. We are in a barbaric spiral, an unchecked decline. On the one hand, we see the emergence of women who are better educated than men, have better skills to negotiate peaceful solutions, and are better at caring for and nursing the sick, the old and the underprivileged people of the world. Yet, on the other, the cultured and democratic Western societies are in the process of legalizing marijuana and similar drug use. They are also in the process of accepting rape, a common occurrence, which is defended with the argument of willing consent when it is clearly a criminal offence. In fact, these crimes mostly go unreported because women are dissuaded from exposing themselves as victims of sexual assault.

Do we need more evidence? Bill Cosby, the serial rapist, drugged his victims into oblivion to gain easy access to his pleasures. Now, an American culture of freshmen raping girls in universities has emerged. They brag about and post their criminal offences on the internet for the amusement of fellow students while the victim lays passed out and later retains no memory of the gang-raping and acts of sodomy performed on her. These sadists go on to graduate, becoming lawyers and politicians, terrible husbands and employers, discriminating against women in the workforce.

How are we going to change this barbaric ethos of the misrepresented Islamic culture? If we slide into the very same behaviors of holding women down in second-class positions, we have no hope to change and overcome these troubled times peacefully. We have to give women the superior recognition of their importance and capability to change humanity into a peace-loving community. We must place women at the forefront of conflict resolutions. And men must change their attitudes towards women, to treat them with dignity and respect. Defining the terms of seduction must be the prerogative of the woman. ‘No’ means what it says and to ignore it is a criminal offence in itself. Women are the bearers of future generations, their reproductive power is theirs to control, and it is the nurturing and education of their offspring that will lead us into a peace-loving society.

The chaos in the world today is to be blamed on the irresponsibility and failings of men on all fronts. Heroes are soldiers in defense of their communities, but it is foolish men who have blundered into conflicts. It is the duty of men to study the history of humanity in order to gain the wisdom to be able to change, and to encourage the chance for a better life, by giving women a vital role in the governing of human affairs.

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