My Journey’s Special Delight (part 1)

austria - Skyline danube valley vienna at night

Vienna Skyline by the Danube

My European trip this year was well planned, but, what was not planned was getting sick on my flight to Berlin, which scuttled my schedule. Three days in a Berlin hospital with a contagious intestinal virus, made me cancel a journey to the Rhineland with stops in Düsseldorf and Stuttgart. A visit to elderly relatives and friends, I did not want to infect them and had to take a miss with deep regrets.
Once recovered, Christopher (my oldest son) as my travel escort, I had him book a direct flight to Vienna, to make-up for lost time. I wished to visit my late brother’s oldest daughter Charlotte and her daughter Alexandra, who I was eager to meet. She struck me as a perceptual person, for I was deeply moved by her heart-felt condolence letter that she wrote me upon the death of my Geraldine, the grandmother she never met.


University of Vienna, my Alma Mater

Vienna was the place of my birth, and after the World War II, I studied there and graduated with my first Ph.D. I got married right after my graduation in December 1949. It was during a time when an old and tired foreign occupied city, with a war-weary population that I left Vienna. However, upon my return it has changed and regained much of its splendor of imperial times.
To be continued…

P.S. The photos are sourced through Google images. The photos we took are not as good.


The Vienna Opera House