Dear Délaina

20140417_152401_HDR (5)

It is time to tell you about a novel that I will be publishing before the holidays arrive. I thought the best way to explain what it’s about, is to simply offer part of the questionnaire that was filled out to the artist who is designing the cover, the final piece of the puzzle. I have created a page in which I will be posting excerpts and updates of the progress to launch date.

Here is the link:

Now I can return to Family Stories, recognizing Formidable Women and my general outrage of the world at large.

5 thoughts on “Dear Délaina

    • It’s been an eventful few months. Thank you, yes quite refreshed and ready to move forward. As I sit and watch the snow fall outside my window, it is time to revitalize my blog and again share and enjoy you and others. Good to be back. 🙂


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