The worst President the USA has ever had!


Donald Trump was confirmed as the new “elected President of the United States”, having defeated the former First Lady, Hillary Clinton, in a most vulgar, dishonest, and degrading election campaign the United States has ever witnessed. Countless times in his crummy campaigning, and with noted irony, Trump had the temerity to label his opponent as “crooked”.
The swindling, tax-evading, Twitter crazed, Donald Trump deprived millions of their savings and cheated banks out of further billions with his dozens of declarations of bankruptcy. It required a female judge to uncover his sham, the so-called Trump University, but even so, he has not paid a single penny in federal income tax and continues to withhold public information, no doubt until such time as he is able to enact regulations that will enable him to keep his dubious finances a secret as an executive privilege.
I felt physically ill as I watched the ignorant majority of Americans falling for Trump as the Germans had fallen for Hitler. How the German industrialists took Hitler’s side and fed him the initial funds for his election in 1933, pushed through by his foreign minister, Joachim von Ribbentrop, and how Joseph Goebbels, intellectually schooled by the Catholic Order of Jesuits, built the propaganda machine that would sway so many felt like memories of yesterday.
The male members of my aristocratic family served as officers in German royal regiments. My elder brother and cousin served as pilots in the Luftwaffe, and while they were shot down in action, I, myself, was spared participation in any combative missions as a fighter pilot, and thereby, I unwittingly survived World War II. In the 1950s, I came to Canada, and now my eldest son is a scientist living in the U.S., giving me more than one reason to hope to be able to count on the USA to guard humanity from a nuclear war which could annihilate the entire human population. The USA, in one way or another, is the most powerful nation in the world and must be given some credit for having so far prevented, albeit precariously, that war which could mean the end of a habitable globe.
The United Nations, as a replacement for the ineffective League of Nations, was established on October 24, 1945, at the end of World War II, with the express vision of preventing another such conflict. At its founding, the UN had collected 51 member states, a number which has since grown to 193, but despite its declaration of “eternal peace”, not one day has gone by since that time on which humanity could claim to have achieved universal peace on Earth.
Since time immemorial, men, with their God-given energy and strength, have failed to protect and promote generations of people, while the women of the world have given birth to and nourished them, ensuring the perpetuation of a human population that they have mourned with sorrow. Generations have been slaughtered because these women were never given the power to protect their own offspring. Clearly, a new Reformation of humanity is necessary to give rise to a world in which women may have their equal voice and faculty to negotiate terms of peace with justice and fairness at the forefront of every dispute’s resolution.
Barack Obama, the first black President of the United States, whose agenda was constantly sabotaged by a Congress dominated by the opposition, but who nevertheless served two full and exhausting four-year terms, maintained his energy to steadfastly produce conciliatory negotiated solutions resulting in peaceful compromises. He left the enemies to live for another day, but paved the way for the great opportunity for the first female President to take over the reins and lead us into a new world order as Germany did with Chancellor Angela Merkel, who by the way was Time Magazine’s 2015 Person of the Year. Obama might have justifiably thought his achievements would be carried on and that Americans would be ready to have a woman rule their nation with peace and harmony, however, he might also have suspected, from experience, that an alternate turn of events would be just as possible. And so it was.
 By chance, I recently saw an interview with two formidable women, Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama, who exemplify that women could have the power to “make America great again”. Having celebrated my 91st birthday, I may not live to see the dawn of a bright light succeed in America, but I am reassured by these ladies and my spirit is lifted, giving me the energy I need to fulfill my purpose with the writing of my philosophy on helping abused women to lead normal lives and the empowerment of women to reach and break the now famous Glass Ceiling coined by Hilary Clinton.

2 thoughts on “The worst President the USA has ever had!

  1. Though I don’t wish any US President to fail, this one I hope is removed from office for conflicts of interest or other actionable behavior.

    He scares me for his ignorance of the world and his narcissistic belief that just because he’s “smart” he doesn’t need to be briefed by the 17 US intelligence services’ evaluations in the president’s daily briefings.

    He’s already stirred up a mess by his ignorance of international relations and where the US policy on such things as “one China” and making Jerusalem as the national capital of Israel, for just two messes.

    He is a danger to the world as he is, and I can only hope that those people fooled by his chatter live to learn how misguided their approval of this monster was! I hope those with military age children especially shake in their boots.

    I note that the proportion of the US that voted for him is something like 23% of the eligible voters. Of course, thanks to the Electoral College set up, he became US President with nearly 3,000,000 fewer votes than Hillary Clinton, the worst showing yet of the four men who became president by the Electoral College process but got fewer popular votes than the “loser”. For that matter, though he touts himself as a mandate winner, his Electoral vote total is the third lowest in history, better only that=n those George W. Bush won by.

    Need I mention he is a congenital liar, an unethical businessman, a sexual deviant, a thin-skinned vulgarian (to quote someone), a repulsive human being who raised a family of children who are creepy in their own right for how insular their understanding of the real world is?

    Whew~! Now I have that out of my system! I hope I do live to see the end of this man’s influence on America, however that comes about. Though Pence is another character I can’t abide, he, at least, has some experience in government as Indiana Governor and in the US Congress.

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  2. Hello Gerhart:

    You have captured so well the mood of the world today! Thank you for such an insightful commentary. We all feel sad for the way events have played out in the U.S. elections. Hilary would have made a good President, but the Republicans would have done to her exactly what they did to President Obama – they would have made life and ruling very difficult for her! So much President Obama wanted to accomplish wasn’t allowed to come to fruition. But, the Republicans will pay for it some day – I hope I live to see that day!

    God bless you, have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy 2017!

    On 22 December 2016 at 09:41, Gerhart von Kap-herr wrote:

    > Gerhart von Kap-herr posted: ” Donald Trump was confirmed as the new > “elected President of the United States”, having defeated the former First > Lady, Hillary Clinton, in a most vulgar, dishonest, and degrading election > campaign the United States has ever witnessed. Countless times in” >

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