In Need of Reformation



Wake-up calls and drastic measures are sorely needed to move humanity towards the realization that something has to change. Consider the recent events in Paris, the unchecked assassination of an entire newspaper staff and the murder of Jews in a kosher supermarket by three men under the influence of outdated religious laws who had been outraged by the blasphemous publications mocking their revered prophet, Muhammad. These are the heroic acts they paid for with their lives. These are the signals of guerilla warfare in the making which will put fear in the hearts of millions of people who have nothing to do with that kind of religious justification. These types of actions demand renewed efforts of intelligent defense, as well as aggressive new military strategies, but counter-maneuvers will not change the animosity of barbaric cultures.

The President of the United States has simply stated that current policies with Cuba are not working. The 50-year cold war has only produced hardship and suffering for families with members split between the two countries, unable to communicate with each other. The new policy isn’t just replacing the old one, and no matter what the righteous argument may be, such as claiming the rewarding of dictators in Cuba, it takes a significate step towards a new Reformation. There are two vital elements present: a) diplomatic talks instead of armed threats; and b) the leading negotiator is a woman, Roberta Jacobson, Assistant Secretary of State, the top U.S. diplomat for Latin America.

The displacement of Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussain, in 2006, did nothing to solve the Middle East conflict, billions of U.S. dollars having been wasted. The Middle East’s Jihadist terrorist hostilities against Europe and the Americas is on the rise and steadily scoring victories of propaganda. Watching the news on CNN, I was not impressed with the photo-shoot of European leaders in a marching column of solidarity, but with the passionate pleading of Muslim women that these assassins are not what their religion is all about.

Weapons will not change human attitudes; religious tribalism needs to be reformed. Take the Catholic Church, once a political powerhouse within Christianity which was reformed by a war which extended from 1517 until 1648, over 130 years.

Islam has one particular problem. Their infallible Prophet Muhammad had two periods in his life, one saintly and the other devilish, the latter in which he was afflicted with the sickness of epilepsy. If Muslim communities in Europe and America accept their Quran as written in the first period, and discard the belligerent and antisocial later addition, Islam could be reformed by a peaceful movement to the benefit of humanity as a whole.

That, of course, would require a spiritual and political intervention, an intervention by women, with words and love, where men have failed.