Excerpts from Dear Delaina – “Spiritual Forces Propel Me Into a New Life”

An excerpt from my book Dear Delaina, available on Amazon.com  Let me know what you think.

Spiritual Forces Propel Me Into a New Life

May 18, 2013
Dear Délaina, It was on a Saturday, March 16th, that my Josefine escaped her human confinement and set off on her angelic journey. Josefine and I had enjoyed a marriage for 64 years. In the last two years, as it became apparent that her end was inevitable, she would occasionally say, “I will die before you.” My reply never varied, “And I will follow you within ten days.” She always rebuked me with the assertion that I had not yet finished what I had been put on this earth to accomplish, and that I would find another woman to help me, to which I would protest, “Nonsense, where would I find a woman who would have me, devastated and useless, without you Josefine?”

It was on a Sunday, May 12th, that Chantal invited me, along with my daughter, Virginia, and my daughter-in-law, Cynthia, for a five o’clock tea. It turned out to be a sumptuous buffet, but the loveliest part of the dinner was having you seated next to me at the table. I can see you, on my left. I was mesmerized by you, your beauty and your animated description of the river boat vacation you had taken on the Danube, passing through my home country of Austria. Your invitation to visit your apartment to have you show me your collection of photos of this journey was remarkable. I was delighted.

It was on a Friday, May 17th, that you greeted me at your apartment at five o’clock for supper and to show me your photos. The moment I met you, I was struck. I felt my head was turned around by a collection of otherworldly forces. I wondered day and night if you could possibly be the woman Josefine had promised I would meet. I felt I had to prepare myself to meet the challenge if this could possibly be true.

I arrived dressed slightly less than formally, and having dismissed roses as being far too obvious, I presented you with a picture book of castles and palaces from around Germany and Austria, along with flowers I had cut from my lilac bushes. I had even gone to the trouble to arrange the flowers in a vase filled with water. And secretly, I was prepared with a more special gift for you, in anticipation of our encounter leading to something more intimate. Yes, our mutual affection was obvious to us both, and I took the necklace of white enamelled trinkets which I had bought for Josefine decades ago in a bazaar in Tehran from my pocket. It was something special, but only because you allowed me to place it against your décolletage.

We were aware that something unforeseen, but potentially wonderful, had happened, but, with respect, we were careful not to cross lines into forbidden realms so early in our acquaintance. However, as we shared intimate details of our past and current situations, I felt a passionate desire to hug you, to kiss you, to caress you endlessly.

For now, let me just say, with true love and desire, that I believe spiritual forces have propelled us into an extraordinary new life. We have been brought together for a purpose. We have been given a destiny by the power of love which we must cherish and protect. My dear Délaina, with my love and affection always,

Your Josef

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