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Having entered my last decade of Earth-time, I have nothing extraordinary to show for my 89 years. I was spared the sufferings of humanity during the most horrific century in modern history. Born in Austria during the depression between the two World Wars, having been confused by Nazi Ideology but spared indoctrination, I went in search for the truth with a principle: “No matter what I will find to be the truth, I will always honour and respect whatever is sacred to other people.”
I look forward to sharing and discussing this journey with you all.

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  1. your honouring this principle is in itself extraordinary…truth isn’t always sugar coated or good or likeable is it..it can be unacceptable and painful.


  2. Well I have to agree with the others above, I am also Honored Sir to have come visit and explore your blog! You have a lot of ‘wisdom’ to share with us all. I appreciated your visit to my recovery blog, as some of us get a wee bit side tracked in life. But, I finish Strong! LOL.

    I think you may have found me by way of Mr. Harsh Reality, a fine gent he is. But I have been captivated by reading some of your posts here, and I’m a new fan! I also am a Book Blogger & promoter, and published author who help other authors promo their great reads here: http://anauthorandwriterinprogress.wordpress.com ~ Come find your next book to read 🙂

    Much Happiness,
    Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon 🙂


  3. “Last decade”– I scoff at that, a little. I think that one should live as long as one wishes, given that it’s physically possible to do so. People in my family live either absurdly long or short lives, with few in-between cases. Ideally, I’ll be subscribing to the latter. I think the record is 103 years, so far. Or was it 104?

    Having spent the last–geez–two hours reading your blog, I’d be disappointed if you departed anytime soon! (And I barely feel like I’ve skimmed through, despite many in-depth reads.)


    • LOL. Thank you. “Last decade” is less a time line and more a personal motivation to get things done. 104! My, that is long! But not to worry, I’m not going anywhere soon. I have far too much to get down on paper…computer. 😉

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